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Sep. 29th, 2009 @ 06:04 pm Older cat/New kitten transition
We have had our cat, Muffin, for about six and a half years now.  She has been a mild tempered, indoor/outdoor cat, and has basically adopted me out of our family of seven as her 'mother.' She however has always been very territorial around other full grown cats-if she sees them from the window and will growl at them.

Our neighbors are trying to find a home for a small 6 wk male kitten they found, and my sister has her heart set on adopting it. The rest of the family (myself included) really want to adopt it as well.  We assumed that Muffin would take it fairly well, since she has always been very cuddly and groom-y with stuffed animals, coats, US, and various small furs we have around the house, and again, is very mild mannered.

We arranged a time to bring the kitten over for an hour today, to see how it goes. Much to our surprise, Muffin is taking it HORRIBLY. I have NEVER seen her this upset. From the moment she heard the new kitten meow, she was growling, and whenever he got within five feet of her, she'd hiss aggressively. We later tried having the kitten in the bathroom, with Muffin outside, but she wouldn't go near it.

The thing that worries me most is this; about ten minutes after we put the kitten in the bathroom, Muffin let me pick her up. I could tell she was still a little upset, so I went to sit on the couch (where I had been holding the kitten during the initial meeting). Muffin actually growled and hissed at ME, which she has NEVER done in her whole life.

Should we be worried about adopting this kitten?  Is this a normal behavior for introducing a new cat or not?  The kitten seems very friendly and during the initial meeting seemed to want to get closer to Muffin (but would back off whenever she growled or hissed).  Any advice on making this transition easier?
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